Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Preston's Toddler Room {Dress-Up Corner}

I'm finally ready for another reveal of Preston's toddler room! If you haven't noticed already, I've been doing this in small segments, as time and money allows. If you have a small budget, and I mean small {like off brand mac and cheese small}, you probably have to redecorate in this fashion too, but that's alright! I think taking our time and making additions as we can, allows for a few things...

First of all, we can make an attack plan. This plan allows us to really think through our needs and prioritize. Maybe, we really don't need everything we want? This evolves over time approach can actually save us money {insert trumpets here}, and saving money is ALWAYS a good thing! We save money, because we might have enough time to brainstorm an even cheaper alternative to something we need. We might stumble upon a suitable replacement on sale, by the side of the road, at a yard sale, etc. The lesson here? Don't get down on yourself because your funds are well below the norm. Don't get down on yourself because your space seems to be taking forever to complete! Have faith that even Rome wasn't built in a day, so your home should evolve in much the same way. Be open to change, as your story unfolds! Who knows. The new story might be an even better one anyway, but don't get too far off track either. Revert back to the plan of attack and continue to cross things off your list as you can! we go! Preston's budget-friendly BOYS dress-up corner is complete! There are no tiaras or tutus in our house, but that doesn't mean Preston cannot benefit from the same lessons playing dress-up has for girls. Every child should be able to use their imagination and be anything they want to be-if only for a moment or two each day!

Notice that there is some empty space to the right of the mirror. That will be the home of his future play kitchen! As discussed before, plan ahead, and leave room for your child to grow. Adding as you can, also evokes excitement and draws out the fun for your child!

I think it's also important to add that we live in a small house. It's only two bedrooms, so we don't have space for a traditional playroom. Therefore, Preston's room must function well and hold ALL of his things. Careful planning has ensured that very little toys get scattered around the house, and this helps with my overall happiness and the clutter in the rest of our home! It also helps Preston learn where to put away is own toys. Everything has a place, and we don't buy anything unless we have an intended "home" for it.

This quote represents a lot to me. Not only is it appropriate for a dress-up area, but it's also a Seuss quote that compliments the vintage feel of the rest of the space. It was a custom Etsy purchase. I just measured the width of the mirror and had the seller make it to size. It was only $10, and you can purchase your own here.

I also think it's important to personalize any space in your home-especially a child's bedroom. That's why I chose to frame a print from Preston's 1 year photo shoot. He's dressed as a chef, and it's a perfect fit for this themed area of the room!

The white mirror was purchased at Walmart for around $12. I hung the mirror, and then I used scrap fabric, from Preston's DIY Wall Book Bin, made a bow and just taped the fabric to the back of the mirror. Next, I "hung" it over the sock monkey knob, to give it the appearance that it supports the mirror. The monkey knob was an Etsy find, but I don't think the seller is still in business...

These reproduction vintage flashcards are one of my favorite elements! For just $5.99, the impact they give is HUGE! I hung them in a playful way above the space to both define it and bring the feeling of the ceilings down. Our ceilings are high, and sometimes I like to give the impression of a cozier nook, especially for Preston {because of his height}. You can purchase your own set here at Pretty Little Studio.

After much debate, I decided to hang the cards with covered push pins. Also an Etsy find. You can purchase your own set here for $8.50. She even threw in a FREE one. Bonus!

Preston's dress-up clothes collection will surely grow with time. I just hung what he already had but left room for accumulation. The dog mask is another Etsy find. It was made by my friend Angela of Dani Jo Designs. Here's the listing for the dog mask, but she has different animals to choose from! Remember not to get carried away in the purchase of dress-up clothes. Take a walk around your house, to get started. You'd be surprised what you already have on hand {adult flannel shirts, aprons, scarves, hats, etc.}! It doesn't have to cost you a ton or be a big investment! Look at Dollar Stores and yard sales too...

Eventually, I'd like to get a crate for underneath the white hooks. I figure we can throw overflow in there-like shoes, scarves, more hats, etc, as needed!

I hope this has inspired you to create your own dress-up corner, nook or area in your home! E-mail me with any questions, needed suggestions or pictures of your completed space. I'd love to feature it here!

Other Supplies Seen:
White Clothes Hooks-$7.99 each at Lowes
Police and Construction Plastic Hats-$1 each from Target's Dollar Section
White 11x14 Frame-$12 Target
11x14 Print of "Preston the Chef"-$7.99 Shutterfly
"Preston the Chef" Taken by Little Tots Photography by Sarah Lawrence

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  1. You are so creative!! I love it!

  2. This is sooooooo cute! Who wouldn't want that room?

  3. Preston has the coolest room! I love the dress-up area - that is just too fun!

  4. Thank you SO much, ladies! I hope you enjoyed your little look inside our bungalow!

  5. What a GREAT space!!! Love all of the little details....great job!!!

  6. What an AWESOME space!!! Love all of the little details!!!

  7. As a mother of 4 young children, I am always looking for new ideas on decorating for them now and creating a space they can continue to grow into. Love the color palette and vintage feel!

  8. This is adorable! I don't have a toddler anymore, but this would give me all kinds of ideas for my son when he was that age!

    Becky B.
    Organizing Made Fun

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  10. I love your blog! The brown color you picked out for the room is perfect. Looks just like a chocolate bar smeared all over the walls.

    It was such a great idea to put the mirror there on the wall next to the hats, etc....

    I am one of your newest followers. Can't wait to see what you come up with next.

    If you get a chance sometime, stop by my blog.


  11. This is an awesome little boy room!

  12. Coming over from Stephanie Lynn's blog . . . . this corner is so cute!! I love the colors you have in this room. I have been thinking of doing a dress-up area in our playroom and your space has given me some good ideas.

  13. I Love the flashcard banner, such a great idea, I just did some wall art using flashcards in my little boy's room. Congratulations on your feature!

  14. featured this today at my blog! it's fantastic!

  15. thanks so much for posting that you live in a small house. we have three very small bedrooms and are turning one into a toddler room, and i've been frustrated by how much room i DON'T have... it's really nice to see GREAT spaces for kids that don't include a huge bedroom!!

  16. Love this idea, and I love your blog! I have passed along the Liebster blog award to you! Check out my blog for the Liebster icon.