Tuesday, October 18, 2011

31 Days of PINK {Day 17}

Let's cut right to the chase. I'm a little overwhelmed, today. With school, work, Etsy orders, this blog and my mommy duties, something has to give. Unfortunately it was this today, but that doesn't mean my blog will always be the one set aside! Tomorrow, it may be Etsy...Whatever. And so it is.

Enjoy these pretties. I'm going to take a bubble bath...

I found this tutorial at Two Shades of Pink. Jessica shares a ton more fab how-tos in the same post. It's worth a gander.

This one has summer written all over it. Collect scarf belts from consignment shops and yard sales, cut them to size and make your own mix match set!

I'm inspired now! I have pieces of my Great Grandma's costume jewelry collection. Those include some large pins and orphan clip on earrings. By simply wrapping a crisp, white napkin in ribbon and clipping/pinning on one at each seat, I'm sure it would create a fun vignette. Add a massive collection of various glass contains in the center and put a white candle inside each. Voila! You'll have a very easy and affordable dinner that guests won't soon forget!

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  1. Even overwhelmed, you featured cute pink things! I love the 1st one... will have to check out the tutorial. The last one is very pretty - and simple - I love simple! I pick up pretty vintage earrings and pins all the time - so there's another way to use them!