Sunday, October 9, 2011

31 Days of PINK {Day 9}

I can't think of the color PINK without envisioning an elaborate, picture-perfect playhouse! I've yearned for one ever since I was a child, and it's a dream I still cling to. Preston may be a boy, but he WILL have a playhouse. I already have visions of a hand painted sign on the door that reads, "No Girls Allowed! {Except Mommy}", BUT that's a whole different post. Pour your doll some tea, adjust your over-sized high heels, duck your head, and let's step inside. It's time to...PLAY!


This last one is really unbelievable. Really. It's available for purchase from Sweet Retreat Kids for the low, low price of $36,000 {plus shipping}. Insert gasp.

Now, for the details...

Window Box

Custom Cabinets & Appliances

Bay Window

Sun Porch

They call this the "Decorative Cubby".

Cathedral Ceilings

Window Seat

There's even electricity...

There's also heat, air conditioning, running water, an eat in kitchen, dining room, loft bedroom, custom furniture options, picket fences and arbors {you should see the courtyard}, stucco exterior is available, garage options {to store the kid's bikes of course}, and the list goes on. No kidding! Click the first picture of the house, for a full description!

With a playhouse like this, I'm not sure there's much use for your children to ever come inside the "real" house. On second thought, THAT'S probably why parents buy these things. I bet they make GREAT babysitters!

P.S. This has nothing to do with the color PINK, but I stumbled across an adorable pretend grocery store {an actual mini store}, by Posh Living, while doing my research for this post, and I had to share. For some reason, the computer won't let me save the picture, but you can view it here.

Have a restful Sunday. I know I'll try, since I start school Monday!


  1. Wow... I feel like I got cheated out of a lush, lavish childhood! :-) That last one was incredible... and you're right... no reason for the kid to ever want to come back into the "big" house again -- assuming it was wired for cable and internet, of course. ;-) Wow.

  2. I mouth was pretty much touching the floor the whole time I was looking at this! It's nicer than my normal-sized house! Thanks for reading, Ellen!

  3. I've never been a pink kind of girl, but I'm loving some of the subtle pinks in this post. I'm also a sucker for playhouses, so that could be warming me up to it, too!