Thursday, October 6, 2011

31 Days of PINK {Day 6}

Our 31 Days of PINK series is well underway! I think we've seen some wonderful examples of PINK decor, but I also know I can step up my game even more! I hope you're ready, because we're going to cover some fun {and of course PINK} office spaces and office supplies today!

These are some beautiful, and relaxing, office spaces. Who would have thought PINK could actually be this calming? They're just a few more examples of how accents of white can tone any color down!

The two pictures above are of Mary Kay's China offices. The modern design is interesting, upscale and seems innovative {to me anyway}. You almost get a sense of how productive this office really is. How lucky are these employees? I cannot imagine NOT being inspired here!

How about this cubical cancer supporter? I think this deserves an "Employee of the Month" award!

Now, for one of my favorite things ever...OFFICE SUPPLIES! I've always been an office supplies freak. My mom has this *funny* little story that she tells anyone who will listen...

I guess one time, when I was about nine or ten, I completely took out a "Wet Floor Sign" in a store, on a mad dash to the office supplies and stationary section. I slammed to the ground and got right up, without hesitation. She screamed and asked if I was ok. I yelled, "Yep. I'm fine," without looking back...Ok. Maybe it's not that funny, but it does demonstrate my intense love affair with them!

Alright. I guess that's enough. Just know I could keep going if I thought you'd stay around long enough to check it all out! Also...I am not typically a rhinestone girly girl. At all. In fact, I usually don't even support glitter, but those rhinestone office supplies sort of draw me in. I guess I'm just infatuated with the idea that anyone would take the time to cover a computer mouse with jewels. Is that even comfortable on your hand?

Tomorrow is FRIDAY! Who's excited?!


  1. Stopping over from The Nester! LOVE your blog! And LOVE Pink!!! Happy to see Susan G. Komen wrapped into it!

  2. Hi Jaima! I'm glad you enjoyed your visit here! I'm off to check out your blog too...