Wednesday, October 5, 2011

31 Days of PINK {Day 5}

I'm just going to get right to it today, because I'm a little pressed for time. Trying to get all of my ducks in a row, so I can start school on MONDAY, is taking up most of my free time...

Yep! I'm going to be studying Residential Space Planning at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online! I cannot explain what this step has done for my overall mood. I am elated to be finally following my passion, and I cannot wait to take you all along with me.

Whew! It's been a crazy week. I *think* I finally have a job {more about that later}, after almost two years at home with my son, AND I'm going back to college {four years after first graduating with a degree in Early Childhood Education}. Ryan hasn't even been gone for two months...I think it's ok to pat myself on the back, but honestly I'm happiest when I'm being proactive. I can no longer rely on him for help, and that's a reality I have accepted, so it's just me and Preston, but that's ok. I truly believe that we'll be better off in the long run, and I will create a new story for us. One with a happy ending.

Speaking of happy...are YOU ready for your PINK fix today?

As I said yesterday, I have a vintage heart, so the first two pictures really speak to me! Claw foot tubs excite me, and the one pictured above doesn't disappoint {I even have one in our bungalow bath}.

The third picture is a bit modern for my taste, but I can always appreciate good design, and the vanity is definitely unique {with a vintage inspired whisper that I adore}.

The fourth picture is merely for conversation. I'm sure that bathroom has a *few* stories to share. As they say, "If these walls could talk!" be young again. Wait. On second thought, I'll pass!

Happy Wednesday, ladies. Your comments and emails have really been an inspiration lately, and I truly appreciate all of your support. Thank you for sharing a bit of your day with ME! I am blessed and honored to know you ALL!

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