Thursday, September 15, 2011

Preston's Toddler Room: Mission Closet Organization

With all the recent changes in our lives, and rediscovering a new "normal" for Preston, my plans of redoing his space have morphed into an even more frantic mission. Call it a fresh start. Call it my way of focusing my energy on something I enjoy {or call it my way of ignoring my real feelings about everything going on}. Either way, it's FUN, and everyone knows I can't resist a good deal OR a home decor opportunity!

While the rest of the space is ALMOST ready for the big reveal, his closet IS ready for a coming out party! This is what I started with, but please ignore the fact that the closet door panels aren't painted. At eight months pregnant, it was the last task to do. Since it was hidden, I got lazy. Don't judge. Just find comfort in the fact that I'm not perfect folks!

I've always {always defined as since I was first "with child"} had my eye on these Land of Nod hanging closet storage systems...

Last week, I was cruising around Facebook and saw that Land of Nod was offering a free shipping code to fans. I took it as a sign from the Decor Gods that I had to have a few of them {and that's all the closet could fit anyway}, so I placed the order, and I couldn't be happier with the results!

The closet is small {just as wide as the door} but I think I did a pretty decent job with utilizing every square inch {always important in a two bedroom home}! I was able to fit his hamper inside and free up a little floor space in his bedroom too. His blankets were taken off the top shelf and folded neatly into the larger bin. His shoes were taken out of the old white plastic drawers and put into their own shoe organizer to the left {I know it's hard to see in the picture. Sorry!}. He already loves this feature, because he can reach them and easily find a pair now! The basket on the floor holds his sheets and keeps them organized {PWA is his initials, and a good friend of mine gave it to us for a shower gift}! There's just enough room left for his hanging clothes. They are organized by size using alternating hanger colors {blue for current size, then white for the next and blue for the next, etc.} It was my budget friendly alternative to those clothes size markers you see now, and it works well for us!

The red bins on the top shelf were a clearance find {$1 each}, and they hold his bath items and extras. The two on the right are labeled for learning games and art supplies, but they're currently pretty empty. I'm always planning ahead and making room for preschool activities {probably pretty natural for a former preschool teacher}. I also found red pencil boxes for $.50 each {gotta love Back to School clearance time}. Each red bin holds three pencil boxes. Each of those boxes hold different needed supplies like crayons, chalk, stamps and stickers, letter magnets, felt pieces and finger puppets, etc.

The labels are laminated scrapbook paper that I wrote on with a permanent marker. They are available for purchase in My Etsy Shop and can be customized to fit any space!

I hope this inspires you to clean a closet or two. Don't ignore the "closed door spaces" of your home, because every square inch does impact our mood. Plus, as I've always said, organization is the key to happiness. Extreme? Maybe, but organization is the basis of every decor project. Once you get a handle on the clutter, the rest will fall into place!


  1. This is great stuff, I wish I had seen your blog before I tried to organize my closet!

  2. Great pictures! You have given me great ideas for my sons Closet Organization Systems. Thanks!