Tuesday, November 20, 2012

$13 Handmade Halloween Costume

I have finally nailed down a full time position at work. You're looking at the newest Appliance Sales Specialist at my Lowe's store, but I still need to live frugally! While my time is even more limited now, this year I decided to make Preston's Halloween costume again and save a little moolah.
Now, I love to craft and create, but I'm no seamstress. The idea for the Mr. Potato Head costume was sparked by my little spud himself. He's in a serious Toy Story phase, and I wanted him to be excited  about whatever he was going to be too. He's getting old enough now to be very well aware of what I put on his body. He has an opinion about it too of course, and we've already gotten in a few morning clothes disagreements! He wasn't thrilled with me here either though...
It took one trip to Walmart for material and felt, and I got started. I had no real plan in mind-just a blurry vision of what I wanted. First, I simply traced his body and cut out two potato shapes. Then, I measured straps and hand sewed them in place. Using styrofoam balls, I created the eyes by covering the balls with white fabric and adding felt details. The face pieces were made of felt and hot glued together and in place on the potato. I stuffed each face piece with scrap fabric to give a 3-D effect.
Lastly, I created a butt pocket on the back with left over brown fabric {whatever fabric I bought didn't fray, so I didn't have to hem the edges of the costume}. Then, I hand cut a few additional traditional extra pieces, from felt, and hot glued them in place. The Playskool logo was found online and printed on card stock. I hot glued that in place too, and it held up all night!
I ended up hand sewing a small side panel under each arm. This kept the costume in place on his body well. A white shirt, white mittens and black hat later, and the costume was complete! Total investment was just $13!

P.S. Thanks for reading and following along. This marks my 100th post!
Crystal xoxo

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  1. OH my gosh, that is Adorable and GENIUS!!! And also CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR 100TH POST!!!!!! You are Inspiring! Keep up the Good Work!!