Saturday, October 15, 2011

31 Days of PINK {Day 15}

Are we really practically half way done with this series?! 

I think we are! Who's doing the happy dance with me?

In honor of the weekend, I'm just going to feature a "Pretty Plethora of PINK Pinterest Pictures". Try to say that ten times fast! And I know about 68% of you are trying it right now too {Do you know what I love about blogging? It's totally acceptable to begin a sentence with "and".}!

Look EXTRA closely at the last picture...

Do you see what I see? A shelf turned play kitchen with oodles of counter space?! Genius!

I'll see you Sunday. I think we'll be taking a look at stylish PINK store displays!

One last honor of the REAL reason we're here this month...

I think they could have used a slightly cooler hanger, but it's still a conversation piece...


  1. Oh yeah, they do need a cooler hanger - but definitely a fun way to to show your "support"! I love the play kitchen shelf... that is too cool! And the Kitchen up there - with the stainless appliances and pink/white wallpaper... I have a daughter who would love that one! Keep 'em coming! :-)

  2. I love that teacup lamp! Really enjoying your 31 days of pink!