Tuesday, October 4, 2011

31 Days of PINK {Day 4}

It's already October 4th. This series seems to be flying by.

I've decided that I should probably come up with some form of order for the type of decor I'm posting, so I'm going to create a schedule {more on that tomorrow} and try my best to stick to it. In the previous three days, I've only shown you kitchens and little girl's rooms. Today, I'd like to show you some PINK home exteriors. Of course, it's a color most of us would never pick for our own homes, so you be the judge...

Would YOU want to be THEIR neighbor or not?!

And then, just because I can't help myself, there's these "pretty" things...

I guess I sort of posted these in the order of my favorites. The first picture being the one I'd most likely live in and so forth. Of course, I probably only like the first one based on it's probable location {city} and it's architecture style {brownstone}. I'm a sucker for a good brownstone...

Up next for tomorrow...BATHROOMS!

Enjoy your day!


  1. I could be equally happy in that precious pink cottage in Pic 4 or that awesome - is that Empire? - house in Pic 5... I'm not picky! :-) Enjoying the 31 Days of Pink!

  2. I don't think I could ever bring myself to paint over the beautiful original brickwork on the house in the first picture, but the others were great!

  3. OMG--the sade of pink on that first one is to die for!!! They are all awesome!

  4. Thanks, ladies! I'm so glad you found me!

  5. The first two apartments my husband and I rented were in large pink Victorian homes! When it came time to re-paint the outside of our first house, I asked if he wanted to do that one pink, too, but he declined. They are so whimsical!