Thursday, September 8, 2011

Pom Pom Tutorial

Recently a facebook fan asked me to post a pom pom tutorial. She was inspired by the poms that I had at Preston's Polka Dot Party...

These poms were somewhat costly on Etsy, but I still LOVE the look of them {even if they are a bit over done on the party diva scene}. As I'm always looking for budget friendly alternatives, I decided to research blog tutorials online. There were TONS, and the supplies are easy on the wallet too {especially if you purchase Dollar Store tissue paper}, so I got to work making my own! I've had the honor of hosting two events since then, and my handmade poms were always a hit!

For my friend Rosa's baby shower...

And most recently for my mom's 50th Birthday Celebration...
Unfortunately, I don't have the supplies on hand to do my own tutorial, and this fan needs the instructions QUICKLY, so I've decided to do a link party. I hope these fabulous tutorials help you along the way to pom production! {Click each picture or watch the video}

Begin folding your poms ahead of time {each can take up to 15 minutes}, but do not open any of your poms until you are ready to hang them. Otherwise, they will smoosh!

Also, use floral wire to wrap around the middle of your tissue and secure it. Other items like pipe cleaner are too thick {in my opinion} and can hinder the unfolding process. Do not wrap the wire too tight, and remember to make a loop at the top to attach your hanging ribbon or fishing line.

Carefully unfold the tissue paper too, pull firmly but not too tight, and remember you can always fluff and adjust them when you're done! Email me with any additional question, and I will happily help!


  1. Hi Crystal, I'm going to get started on these today. Thank you for sharing. Love your blog post too.

  2. I bought tons of tissue supplies for our BBQ and then IRENE hit...glad I didn't go through hanging them!!!! That would've been such a pretty waste.
    -Jaimee (for some reason, I've only been able to post as anonymous lately...sheesh)