Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Country Living Inspired Funkins & Our Fall Mantel

I recently got this beauty in the mail and immediately opened it up. I HAD to know how they made the pumpkins on the front!

My mom came over the same night, magazine in hand, and said, "We have to make these!" I smiled and pulled my copy out and said, "I know!" The next night, we were at Michael's gathering supplies. (1) A few fake "funkins" that happened to be 50% off (2) scrapbook paper. I already had the rest of the supplies. (3) foam brushes (4) Mod Podge (5) Mod Podge Sealer (6) wax paper. Easy and cheap!

Monday, I arranged the "funkins" on our fall mantel to see where I wanted them...

They looked nice, but I knew it could still use a punch, so I was just as excited as ever to get started on our little project!

Last night, we got to work on my coffee table, so we could watch Teen Mom {I know. I know. I got sucked in two years ago, when I was 26 and pregnant, and I can't get out!}

The difficulty level for this project is easy, but I do recommend a decent chunk of time and a small amount of patience...

We started by laying down wax paper and filling a bowl with Mod Podge. Then, we cut our scrapbook paper into strips {smaller strips for the small pumpkins work best and 1-1.5" strips for the larger ones}. It took about two-three pieces of 12x12 paper for the small and 3-4 pieces for the larger pumpkins, so make sure you have enough of the SAME pattern! Then, we applied the Mod Podge on the paper strip and placed it on the pumpkin {starting from the stem and smoothing down}. Repeat. About 75 times {maybe a slight exaggeration}. Then, we coated each pumpkin with two coats of Mod Podge {allowing about an hour between each coat}. Today, I put them all outside and gave them two coats of Mod Podge Sealer {allowing at least 15 minutes between coats}. Note: We started with the smaller pumpkins, thinking it would be easier, but the larger ones were much easier and quicker!

My mom made two black and white ones, to match her decor {photo one}, and I made three pumpkins in shades of browns, khakis and a burnt orange {photo two}, but they even look great grouped together {photo three}!

Now, my fall mantel is complete, and I am beyond thrilled!

I already had most of the accessories, but I did get that little skull for $1.99 at Michael's and the two skeleton keys for $1 each there too {I just strung them on a piece of jute twine}. The three amber candle holders came from Target and were $1.99 each. Other recent finds include two milk glass vases for $3 each and my little owl for $.79 at a local consignment store. I just spray painted the owl!

I hope this has inspired you. Please, comment and leave a link to your blog post if you decide to make these "funkins" too or post a picture to our Facebook wall! Fall is finally here, ladies! Eeeekkk!

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  1. You are so very talented!!!! These are beautiful!!!!!

  2. Thanks for the fun girls night. So easy even I could do it. I love them!!

  3. omg soooo cute. i just pinned this. gonna diy!

  4. I think that striped pumpkin has to be my favorite thing ever. Love it! Thanks so much for sharing, I came over from fingerprints on the fridge!

    Brie from

  5. I LOVE these! Thanks for taking us beyond the black-and-orange halloween tradition :)

  6. Your pumpkins turned out so nicely, and I loooove your mantel/fireplace area. Wow! Visiting from Layla's Fall Mantel party. Hope you'll stop by my blog to say hi. :)

  7. These look incredible! What a classy and fun twist for fall!

  8. I loved these on the magazine cover too! Haven't tried it yet, but yours turned out so great!

  9. These are so cute. I made one of my own. I was inspired by your post. I talked about it on my blog and put a link to yours so everyone could see these! :)

  10. Love, love, love your pumpkins. I found you at The Lettered Cottage. Have a wonderful weekend!