Sunday, September 18, 2011

Our New Look

Change seems to be in the air all around me these days, and instead of despising it {as I usually do}, I've decided to embrace it! Since the day I started this blog, I've had bigger visions for it. While those visions will most likely evolve over time, I've recently taken a BIG step toward reaching some of them!

Jaimee of Bushel + Peck Paper has been a close colleague of mine for some time now. We've collaborated on quite a few projects, and she ALWAYS comes through for me. It's kind of like she reads my mind...

Her work is classic and clean but with such a modern twist, and I just ADORE it! She's the talent behind my new banner and blog button, and I couldn't be happier with the outcome! What do YOU think?!

While it is her passion and calling, there's more to Jaimee than Bushel + Peck Paper. She has a heart of gold and is constantly promoting her favorite people. One of those people happens to be her sister Kristin of Water Closet Soap {Jaimee did her logo too}! Jaimee's also the proud mommy to a very active little boy-Finn. She is extremely involved in all of his sports adventures and often volunteers at his school too...Wouldn't YOU love to have a child on her son's hockey team?! On top of THIS, she takes care of her home and even occasionally bakes! There's also the Facebook page, Blog Website, Etsy Shop, Twitter, Catch My Party and on and on and on....She's sort of Super Wife, and I'm so glad I know her!

Stop by and send Jaimee a little LOVE. You'll be glad you did...


  1. You are WAY too kind, Crystal!
    So glad we've met :)

  2. The feeling is SO mutual, Jaimee!