Friday, September 23, 2011

Before and After: Our New Dining Room Buffet

I don't have an ah-mazing post for you today...
just alittle before and after.
{BUT} the way I see it...that's totally acceptable,
because we can't all be
super hero crafters, decorators and DIYers every. single. day.
Can we?!

Alright. I was just having a little bit of fun experimenting. Now {with a huff and pretending to slowly walk back to work pouting} on to the subject at hand. For some time now, I have despised this itsy bitsy buffet table that sat in our dining room...

It's finish matched the rest of my decor, and I liked how it complimented my candle sconces {a trade I made with my mom for smaller ones I had}, but I've never been head over heels in love with this piece. Ever. From the day I bought it at Home Depot {who buys furniture there anyway} with it's matching lamps and who could say no set price, it's sort of taunted me. I sold the lamps years ago at a yard sale, but this just sort of stayed around-out of necessity mostly. I toyed with spray painting it. I sat and looked at it and looked some more. Then, sometimes I just ignored it {and kept it covered up with Etsy orders and projects}.

That all changed, the day my mom offered me her larger scale, black buffet table. My dad bought it for $45 six years ago from K-Mart. He beat it up with a chain, painted it red, then painted it black and distressed it with a sander. He was on his own DIY kick at the time. Candice Olson was his current design crush, and he went around the house painting, reupholstering foot stools, building wrapping paper dispensing wall units {a special request of mine} and constructing a HUGE entertainment center {that I drew the plans for}. I was proud of him, and although it was too big for their current home, and it didn't match my decor AT ALL, it still stung a little to think about what I had to do to it. Take one last look at his fab finish job...

Anyway, it had to be done, so I went to Walmart and bought four cans of spray paint {in Almond} and one $2.50 spray paint dispenser thing {not it's "official" name by the way}, because I'm getting tired of hand cramps from holding the nozzel down...

Notice that I didn't prime it. It's not that I'm lazy {although sometimes guilty of "project A.D.D."} and it's just that money is sometimes the deciding factor for me doing it right and good enough. Plus, I just told myself that with the black layer, I would be OK if it got dung up, scratched and dented. In fact, I'm hoping it will. Of course, I could eventually take a sander to it and distress it myself. I should have done it then, but my "project A.D.D." popped up again, and I just couldn't wait to get it into it's new home...

Ahhhh! MUCH better!

The hardware was a trip, THREE actually, to Home Depot. I'll spare you the details, but I finally got the knobs, and Preston gained an addiction to those ridiculously HUGE, orange truck shopping carts. Have you ever tried to maneuver those things around that store?! I still have A LOT of accessorizing to do, but I love my "almost" free new buffet! Keep on the look out for another update when it's all dressed to impress!

Note: I should also tell you that the table took one more can of spray paint {5 total}. When my dad dropped the finished piece off at my house, I realized it needed to be touched up in a few spots, but it's all good now!

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  1. Your new to you buffet looks great - totally changed the feel of the room there! Sorry you had to cover up all of your Dad's hard work... but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do, right??

  2. I know it had to be hard to do considering it's sentimental value but it looks great! I love a man like your Dad, not only does he watch Candice but he gets up and does it!