Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Crafts: No Monsters Allowed Sign

When preparing Preston's nursery, I knew I wanted to make it a safe and cozy place for him where he had room to grow, explore and learn. Ensuring all the scary monsters always stayed away was a key goal, so I made him this to hang above his closet...

It was an extremely easy craft that intimidated me at first. I may be a DIYer, but I'm no artist, and paint is a medium I've never excelled with! I started slowly and bought this rectangle piece of wood at Walmart. Next, I painted it ivory {using acrylic paints}. The red dots came next {also acrylic}. I used a circle sponge brush to blot the red ones on randomly. Using a plain old marker top, I added the brown circles you see {with brown acrylic paint}. Knowing my limits, I decided to use a brown Sharpie to write the "No Monsters Allowed" on. Lastly, I just hot glued ribbon on the back and hung it over the closet...

Almost two years later, it's still there and looks like new. The best part is that it's just high enough to get the point across and hide the flaws!

Of course, you could put your own spin on this. Maybe simple paint and Mod Podge is more your speed. Paint the wood and just cut out letters and decoupage them on...

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  1. You think of everything... you're such a good Mommy! :-)