Friday, November 11, 2011

Bundt Pan Pedestal Tutorial

Recently, I came across two vintage bundt pans at a local antique mall. The booth was selling them for $3 each plus 20% off, and I especially loved the patina on one of them. Being the not-so-antique-expert that I am, I came to the conclusion that they were in great shape and worth the price. Besides, I wasn't going to be baking with them anyway...

Next, I went on a mad hunt for a wooden candle holder, or anything, that could support the two pans and allow for storage space between. The original plan was to spray paint it a funky color. Plus, whatever it was had to be just as wide as the bundt pan centers-to ensure it would look right.

After hitting my favorite local hot spots, a light bulb came on! A short vintage wooden spool would do the trick AND give me the look I was after without paint! Third Shift immediately came to mind. It's a wonderful Etsy shop FULL of vintage treasures. Because of their massive stock, I was sure they'd have something that would work, and they did! Two days and $8 later, I had my hands on this beauty...

My plan was already set. I would use my E-6000 glue {available at Michaels or Walmart} to attach the spool to the pans. Starting with the bottom pan {slightly larger of the two}, I glued the spool in place. Next, I glued the second pan on top and let it sit for 24 hours {per glue instructions}.

I am thrilled with the results and the versatility of this piece. I think it will work as a fruit pedestal in my kitchen or dining room or as a craft caddy in my office! I'll probably play with it and move it from room to room though. Who knows where it will end up next...

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  1. This is beautiful! The pans have such a wonderful patina to them and the spool was the perfect choice to stack them! How clever are you? Fabulous idea! Thanx for the inspiration! xo, Leena

  2. I just found our blog after seraching for DIY caddy tutorials. Your spool idea is brilliant. Thanks for the great tip. Now I'm off to search for some spools. :-)