Thursday, June 23, 2011

I Steal From Little Boys, for the Sake of Design!

So...I'm a horrible mama, and I may have just lost my "Mommy of the Year Award" with this one!

I was recently looking at our dining room shelves and decided that, although I love that some of the vintage vases and bowls we collected for our wedding are on display, the shelves may be lacking texture.

While changing Preston today, I spotted this in his room.

Then, I stole it! Now, I have nothing against softball. In fact, I played it all through elementary and all four years of high school. I even played on a co-ed league during college {I must add that I am by no means a pro, but I give it my best shot}! My father still plays on a league, and we go to watch every chance we can. I want Preston to love the sport and grow up with it like I did. My dad lived{s} for the game. Growing up, we were drug to every tournament, double-header, and all-nighter he played. I loved to stand behind the fence and race after the ball when my daddy hit a home run. Later, he used to make me go to sleep with my mitt under my mattress and toss the ball above my head {while laying in bed} one hundred times a night {so I wouldn't be afraid of it coming at my face}. Anyway, I'm off subject, but I felt the desire to explain that before I show you what I did to this poor, poor ball.

The pictures will pretty much sum it up...

When finished, I noticed a huge problem. It looked more like a GIANT lemon than a topiary ball.{CRAFT TIP: If you want to make jute lemons, use baseballs and not softballs.} Then, a lemon shaped light bulb came on in my head. I grabbed this...

Yes, I know this is sideways. I cannot seem to fix the issue.

Adding just a bit of detail, and to distract from the lemon nubs on each end, I wrapped the green twine around the center a few times.

Now, it reminds me more of a coconut! I'm not saying this is a good thing, but I guess it does add some texture to our shelves and helps balance out the brown metal mirror. I have no idea how long this pathetic little craftcapade will stay there though. Gosh, those shelves do not seem to bow so much in person!

On a happier note, we are making headway on the dresser in my studio {I swear everything always takes three days longer than I plan on}. Remember this?

Well, it was primed.

It's also been painted, and the new knobs are on! I'm really liking it, but I have to put everything back together, so that post will come soon. I promise, because remember my dining room table?

It's still about half that full, and we need to eat dinner there again at some point!

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  1. Really enjoyed reading this! And even though your dining room table is covered, I love how it is still very well organized!!