Friday, June 24, 2011

Be Inspired by a Memory

Nope. I'm not having a dinner party tonight. I don't even know what I'm going to make my little family for dinner yet. This is just the kind of thing I do in my spare time.

One of my favorite pastimes is gathering items I already have around the house and seeing what I can do with them. An instant update can be so rewarding. Not only is it a breathe of fresh air, but it doesn't cost a cent! It just takes a little creativity and patience. You must be willing to accept some trial and error, and sometimes it takes several arrangements before you get it just right, because it wasn't planned. You didn't go to Home Goods and gather everything off their most recent display, and you might not think you have enough items to set a proper table. But Rome wasn't built in a day, and sometimes you CAN turn dirt into diamonds. Gosh! Excuse the cheese. I can be the biggest dork there is!

You also have to be willing to try using old items in a new way or simply moving an item to a new location. If it doesn't work? So what! Try something else, or move it to another spot. For example, I've never thought to turn my square bowls sideways, but I think it adds to the whimsy of this scape. It also helps balance the diamond shape I created with the floral printed napkin. Together, the two make sense. I've also never taken the candle holders off the mantel until now. I went one step further and filled each tea light cup with some extra iridescent pebble vase filler I had. Then, I put the tea light on top of the rocks. For you, this might mean taking that unique toothbrush holder you got for your wedding out of the bathroom and turning it into a bud vase!

Although I cannot guarantee instant satisfaction, I can promise that impromptu designing like this does get easier with practice. Start taking walks around your home and really look at your possessions. Thinking outside of the box will soon become second nature, and you might be constantly annoying your husband when he can't seem to find his favorite belt...because you used it as a rustic curtain tieback in your guest room.

My last piece of advice is to go with your gut and work with inspiration. My grandma passed away a month ago, and I was having a sad day. This got me thinking about her and the yellow linens you see on the table. She sewed the runner and napkins when my mom was small, and I suddenly had the urge to look at them. I opened my linen drawer and just went with it. Before I knew it, my sorrow had turned into a smile, and I had proudly honored her work. Decorating can be so good for the soul!

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