Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Finishing Touches-My Studio

I had BIG plans for this weekend. I was finally going to paint the unfinished IKEA dresser that I've had for eight years!

It's recently found a new home in my studio, and it hides a lot of supplies.

It's also one of the "last" projects I have left to do in there..Yes, even I laughed at my use of the word "last". Who am I kidding?! Anyway, so I emptied the drawers, and my dining room table looked like this.

Ryan removed the hardware,

and then he told me we didn't have anything to fill the holes with {I'm replacing the handles with knobs}. Well, I wasn't about to head out of the house with the project itch. I wanted to do it NOW! Insert stomping foot and pouting lip {not really, but that's what I felt like doing on the inside}. Then....TADA! A light came on. I had Plaster of Paris left over from a craft project gone very. very. wrong. To my surprise, it worked just fine.

While it dried, I still had the urge to do something! I took a look around and realized my bulletin board needed some organization.

It's my favorite piece in the room, but I knew it wasn't living up to it's potential. I looked through my paper stash and found three prints that could coordinate with the space {it took four pieces of 12x12 paper in three prints total}. I measured the board and realized I could fit eight pieces on there {eight categories of items I needed-Bills, Receipts, Keepsakes, Upcoming Events, Fun Inspiration Pieces, Photos, Shipping Forms, and Odds and Ends}. Then, I folded each piece in half and cut, trimmed the bottoms to size and ran them through my laminator. I also knew that I would need some pockets, because I only had 5 bronze clips. Being lazy, I decided to make just two pockets {for Keepsakes, and Shipping Forms}. For those, I cut a piece to the size of the rest, then I made a shorter piece that was just as wide. I lined it up and stuck the three edges together with scrapbook adhesive squares. Next, I ran it through the laminator and scored the seam with a pair of scissors. I had a perfect pocket, so I just repeated the process once more. I think the finished results are pretty impressive. The best part? This update didn't cost a cent!

I wasn't done for the night! I have been hanging on to this fun roll of wrapping paper I got on a recent trip to The Paris Market in Savannah. Looking at my desk, I knew just what to do...

I realize that the wrapping paper bubbled. A lot. You can't see it from most spots in the room {I checked}, so I'm alright with it. For now. P.S. I used  Elmer's Spray Adhesive and Mod Podge to attach the paper to the wood.

Back to the original project at hand. I woke up Saturday ready to prime the desk, but it was raining. I sanded the holes and sulked. It rained all day Sunday too. Remember what my dining room table looked like?

You might not know this about me yet, but I am slightly O.C.D. Just slightly, and this was driving me CRAZY! Guess what? I woke up to rain today too {Monday}. Thank goodness it lifted, and I was finally able to prime it later this evening! Fingers crossed that I like the transformation. Come on over tomorrow. Maybe it will be done by then.

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  1. Your so creative and so funny! I love your ideas and so proud to know you!