Friday, April 20, 2012

Our Stress Free Spring

I'm really trying to "center" myself lately. I know how new age that sounds, but for lack of a better term, it fits what I'm trying to accomplish. I recently came to the conclusion that I've been super stressed, and we all know how terrible that is for our health {not to mention just plain NOT fun}, so I've decided to TRY to free myself from as much of the "s word" as possible.

I've been attempting to accomplish my stress free state of mind by simply relaxing on my time off from work, letting some household chores go a bit, allowing my mind to wander to the good in my life and just enjoying the innocence of the stage my son is in at this very moment. He's growing every day, and I do not want to look back on this time and not remember THIS child, because I was in a survival mode haze. His vocabulary is growing at an extraordinary rate, and his sense of humor and kind heart are out of this world. He's teetering between baby and little boy, and I want to squeeze these baby cheeks for as long as I can! I mean, who wouldn't?!

We've been doing a lot of outdoor play time. This means bubbles, sidewalk chalk, watering the plants together, tricycle rides and wagon trips around the block. The evenings are still bearable {not yet too hot for this Yankee}, so I haven't been miserable out in the southern sun. Virginia doesn't have hardly any annoying bugs either. This is a BIG change from Michigan springs!

P and I found this nest while watering our flowers tonight. It truly is those little "teachable moments" that sneak up on us and can just make the entire night! Ya know what I mean?

Another favorite time of mine occurs after Preston's bed time. While I adore my son, I'm NOT one of those mothers who makes daily Facebook posts about how wonderful and perfect motherhood is. I actually still like my me time! For me, that means decorating {duh!}. I recently rearranged some furniture in the living room again. Don't you love that gold tray I scored at Salvation Army for $4.99? It really anchored this arrangement well.

Sllloooooowly, the house is becoming a bit more feminine and a lot more me! After all, it is all mine now, and that's worth celebrating!

Crystal xoxo

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  1. Good luck destressing! Such an important skill - stress management! It tends to get the best of me a lot.