Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spring Cleaning "Disaster"

In case I haven't mentioned it before, I work at Lowe's. I'm in the appliance department officially, but I'm training to be in the kitchen design department. It's a great place to work, but it's easily the most involved/challenging job I've ever had, and I used to teach preschool!

While I love Lowe's {and always have}, one of the MAJOR perks of my job {besides the constant inspiration and eye candy} is the discount...

Tuesday, I decided to do a little spring cleaning. When we first moved in, we painted the grate on our storm door to match the shutters.

I watched "him" easily take the grate out, paint it and put it back in. Since the door needed some serious scrubbing, I decided to take the grate out. Only, it didn't come so easily this time! I ended up bending it, bending the door and pounding the door back in place with a hammer. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't get the grate back in, and I discovered that it supported the glass. Without it, the glass rattles, and there's a BIG gap at the top {about an inch} that critters can fly in, so I was left with no choice...

I ran to Lowe's and bought a new storm door. With my discount AND a sweet coupon, I ended up getting this for $261.20 {Reg. $319}. Not a steal but definitely a deal!

Mine looks just like this, but it will have bronze hardware! It also has a retractable screen, and I think I'm really going to like that feature. We don't have central air, and it gets HOT in Virginia {hot to this Michigan girl's standards}!

I am a little bummed to lose my "Welcome" decal though. Oh, well! It is what it is.

The tentative goal is to have it installed this week, but that will depend on my handyman dad's schedule...


  1. Yep, unfortunately, they can be very handy. Sorry it didn't work out as easy for you. Sounds like the new one has a great feature though =)

  2. I've wanted to install a storm door on our front door since we moved to VA. I've really never seen a house without one in MN where I grew up and then since here (VA) I've really never seen a door WITH a storm door! They're amazing on summer days!

    Jealous of your discount! :)


  3. Hey - just consider it part of the DIY learning curve... Your new door is great - you will love that retractable screen feature! :-)