Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Spring Mantel

My spring mantel is complete, and it's ready for it's debut! I am rushed for time though, so this post will be more pictures and less talk...BIG surprise. I know.

Keep in mind that I STILL don't have a "proper" working camera, so ALL of my blog pictures are being taken on my iPhone and edited at Picnik.com {OMG! What are we going to do when they close in April?!}

Not much was invested here. The felt egg garland was purchased for $3.99, and the adorable white bunny was originally $9.99 {but I had a $5 gift card} at Target. The sequins eggs were bought at Hobby Lobby for around $.60/each. They originally had sticks, but I snipped those suckers off and used them as filler in my little milk glass dish. I love that little dish {originally $3 antique mall purchase}.

The topiaries were clearance Pier 1 finds {$29.95 each-plus extra $10 off coupon}. This is something I would normally consider a splurge and not necessary, BUT I have been on a mad topiary hunt for over a year now. From what I've seen, finding them under $30 {for their sizes} was a steal!

I still struggle with decorating the DVD player. It has to go there, and the cords have to go there {because I don't want to drill holes in that wood}, so if ANY of you have an ideas...I'm all ears! I kept the candle holder from my Valentine's Day mantel, but I just changed the candle colors. I had some pastel tea lights on hand, so it was an easy update.

That about wraps it up. It's simple, but it has enough presence for me and will be SUPER easy to take down {always a plus for us busy mommies}. I'll leave you with a larger view of the entire wall, only if you promise not to pay too much attention to what's inside those built-ins. I have BIG plans {and all the supplies} for that DIY. I just need to find the time...

Happy Spring

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