Saturday, February 4, 2012

And So It Begins {My Bathroom Makeover}

It all started with a leaky toilet...

Well, it REALLY started the day Preston flushed the toilet {while I was in the shower}, and I heard the most awful, indescribable clang and bang I have ever heard. That was followed by a rush of water, a screaming toddler, and a frantic, naked mommy jumping out of the shower pulling at ANY towel and absorbent material I could get my hands on! I don't even remember how I got the water to stop rushing, but I do remember the massive mess. Poor Preston was soaked to his knees and pretty shook up! From that day on, the toilet just did a slow, subtle leak, and we lived with this constantly...

As functional as the towel was, it wasn't practical. Eventually, we were able to buy a new toilet, and my handyman father put it in! I would have never guessed, but it was a pretty exciting day. Yes, girls. I get excited about toilets. Whatever. Don't judge!

Then, the toilet paper holder broke, and I took it all as a sign. It was finally time to redo the bathroom, and it was LONG over due! When we first moved in, almost three years ago, you couldn't even take a shower. We priced claw foot shower surrounds, but they were WAY out of the budget, so we just bent some pipe and made our own!

Other than that, the space hasn't been touched, and we are in desperate need of functional storage! I'll let the pictures do the talking...

As you can see, I stuff toiletries anywhere I can, but that's about to change! I have some storage solution ideas up my sleeve, but first things first. The wallpaper. It's slowly coming down, because my work schedule and a toddler aren't very conducive to that sort of tedious work, but I'll get it done! I've gotten pretty good at being patient, and my New Year's resolution has been to admit, and be alright with, the fact that I am not Super Woman. As a result, I make careful plans and cross them off my list whenever I can! It is what it is, and it's just me now, so I refuse to be a constant stress mess! Blog postings will get done when they get done, and I remind myself to sit down and play with Preston whenever I'm home with him. To be honest, this meticulous, O.C.D., motivated, go-go-go lady is happily embracing this new philosophy! It feels SO good to just let go!

Anyway...back on point! I cannot focus on a color scheme for my new bathroom, but I have decided on TWO pieces...

Eeekk! I LOVE this light fixture from Lowe's. You would pay $118 for it, but I get an emloyee discount. Bonus! Plus, that helps my bottom line. I'd like to stick to a $500, or less, budget for the entire space. I could probably do it for less, but I need a new vanity {my pedistol is cracked and the square footage is a storage oportunity}, and have you priced faucets lately? Those bad boys are NOT cheap!

This is a surface mount medicine cabinet {I like to make things easy}, so it will stick out slightly, but it's another storage option. The finish also matches the fixture, and it's also from Lowe's. I could get a much cheaper mirror, or spray paint the one I have, but we REALLY need the storage. Did I mention we don't currently have any storage?

Stay tuned. Something tells me it's going to be quite the "after"!


  1. So excited to see the finished project! I'm sure it's going to be AMAZING!!!

  2. Crystal, I just have to say that I would never change your shower surround. I LOVE the bent pipe!