Friday, July 29, 2011

Preston's Toddler Room: Week One

It's hard to believe that our sweet Preston is already 17 months old. Recently, I've noticed some challenges in his nursery. He seems bored and is always "playing" with things he shouldn't be. This includes getting into his changing station drawers and pulling out every diaper and pair of jeans he owns! As a former preschool teacher, and a person with a background in educational space planning {Let the environment be the teacher!}, this bothers me, but I do know how to fix it...

We've also noticed that we never use the uncomfortable rocker anymore. Hey! I'm not complaining. It was a freebie from the Store of Mom and Dad! {"Stolen" from their loft}

There's a few other "issues" too, so this week, I've begun the long process of  "toddlerizing" his room. {Yep! That's a word! MY word!} I started by rearranging the furniture, getting rid of a few pieces and switching up the stuff on the wall. He was SO excited when I let him back in there. You could read it all over his face, so that gave me inspiration to move forward!

Up next, hemming the ridiculously too short drapes to hit the beautiful windowsills, some more toy storage ideas, a fun art area and LOTS of educational decorative accessories. Stay tuned. This is going to be a GOOD one!

Note: To view Preston's entire nursery, click the "Our Budget Nursery" button on the right column.


  1. Ah, yes, I remember having to do all that! Love the term "toddlerizing!" :) ~Lacey

  2. Can't wait to see! I had a blast when we switch Finn's room and he just loved it. I think I'm getting ready to redecorate again...maybe surf & skate theme!