Monday, September 24, 2012

Little Projects Here and There

I've made little updates here and there around the house, so I thought I'd share some of those. This will be a picture happy post, but those at the best anyway. You guys don't want to read me ramble on and on about something that's self explanatory by a picture.
I've been slowly collecting milk glass for awhile now and recently put together this little dining room centerpiece. All three of these pieces were bought at my favorite local consignment shop for about $20 total.
This little vignette is a new addition to my bedroom. It's anchored by that awesome bamboo tray that I scored for $5 at Salvation Army. Here's what this spot looked like before...
 Pretty stellar improvement...if I do say so myself!

The office got a little update too. I purchased the new desk lamp at Walmart and picked up some baskets and the two bronze frames at Target. This space still needs some tweaking, but I need to live in it awhile before I decide exactly what that is. I'm not sure the blue desk is working or if it's the chair that's not or if I need to recover the bulletin board. Ahhhhhh......I'll figure it out!

Such a cozy spot to work at night. Don't cha think?!
I've also been working on some Halloween decor, so stay tuned for that! I'll leave you with a new picture of me. Sometimes it's nice to put a face with the blogger...
 Crystal xoxo


  1. Hi Crystal! I love the changes you've made with your little vignettes. Such small things have such big impact, don't they? I really like your little office area - the chair is great and the blue desk is as well. Not sure what you'd need to change but you'll figure it out. Lovely new picture of you - so pretty! Thank you for sharing! Hugs, Leena

  2. Thanks so much, Leena! You're too sweet!

  3. Cute picture of you!! And I love your little blue desk. Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Thanks, Laurie! That's actually my childhood desk. It's been purple and yellow (the pastel phase) and black (the teen years) and white (the first place of my own years) and now blue (being thrifty with leftover dining room paint)...That thing has seen me through a lot of stuff!