Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Address Canvas Art

It's been awhile since I got out some craft supplies and created something for myself, but I got the itch tonight!
I have an excess of 8x10 blank canvases {thanks to a stellar Michael's sale}. I also have tons of paints and permanent markers and a small collection of skeleton keys, but it's my Martha Stewart stencils that have been begging to come out and play...
 What I'm getting at is that this little project was FREE!
{and you already know I cannot get enough of that}
I measured out the middle of the canvas first. Next, I mixed my own shade of gray acrylic paint {with a dark gray and some white}, and stenciled away. Then, I wrote out my street name free hand with a green marker and went over it with a gray one to add a little detail and interest. Lastly, I glued a skeleton key in place.
Quick and super easy!
I happen to think it's pretty cute too, and the imperfections just add a little bit of charm. After all, this bungalow is anything but perfect. It's also kind of fitting that our front door lock is original and also a skeleton key hole...
Crystal xoxo

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