Thursday, July 26, 2012

$3 Bedroom Update {Lamp Shade Project}

My master bedroom often looks more like a hotel room to me and less like a reflection of my personal style. It's almost too staged and too empty, and it just needs some pizazz! The other night, I decided to start the process of making it a little more unique, more me and less cookie cutter.

Since I do generally like the way the space looks, I wanted to ease myself into these changes, so the first one was quick and easy.

You might remember how my sconce shades looked before...


I went to Walmart on a hunt for some extra wide bias tape and ended up scoring the perfect shade of blue. I bought two packages {less than $3 total} and went home. Please note: Bias tape is thicker than ribbon, not so slippery and easier to work with for a project like this.

I plugged in my trusty glue gun, unscrewed the shades and took a seat on my living room floor.

First, I put a bit of glue at the bottom of the shade's existing seam {the "back" of the shade that you would face toward the wall} and placed the blue bias tape where I wanted it along the bottom of the shade. I let the glue dry and pulled it snugly around the shade. Making sure it was straight and even was actually pretty easy, because I just followed the existing lines of the shade cover. I pulled it back to the seam, overlapped and secured with another dab of glue and trimmed the excess. I decided not to glue all the way around the shade, so if I ever want to remove the bias tape I can with no visible damage! The only glue spots are on the back.

Lastly, I just repeated at the top of the shade and did it again to the top and bottom of the next shade. The entire project took less than 20 minutes. Seriously. It was super quick and easy!

Here's another look...

Let's see another before and after

The subtle touches of blue really warm up the space. The two blue accent pillows were $4/ea clearance items from Lowe's, and the blue throw blanket was a $19 clearance buy at Target. I like how the new touches of blue on the bed pick up more of the blue from the existing bed skirt and pillow shams. Together they make the bed look more welcoming. I also like how the blue is balanced more evenly throughout the room by pairing it with the blue in the prints hanging near the window. Before there was too much brown and khaki. It made the room feel darker and heavier than I like.

I'll leave you with another pretty Instagram shot. Sweet dreams!

Crystal xoxo

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