Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Halloween Mantel {Better Late Than Never}

I'm currently on vacation from my day job and playing some serious catch-up on the blog front. I've also been working on new items for my Etsy shop and will be getting some new stuff listed soon! It's been awhile since I focused on my creative passions, and this little break has been a much needed refocus for my soul...
Anyway, I decided just to give you a quick glimpse at what the bungalow looked like this Halloween and some of the activities Preston and I did. I'm still using my phone for all of my photo needs, so bare with the horrible quality. Thank goodness for PicMonkey!

I used $1 items from my local grocery store in the garland. The gray netting was $1, and so were the set of four skeletons. I had the black ribbon on hand and reused my burlap Christmas garland from last year...

The black paper bats were from the Dollar Tree and so were the black rats and tomb stones. Everything else I gathered around the house. I probably could have made the bats, but the $1 in cost was worth the time savings for me!
Using vintage bottles, I wrapped the tops with jute and filled them with dried beans.
Instead of carving pumpkins this year, we just painted the few that we got at the pumpkin patch. Preston had a trip to Michigan with my parents right before Halloween, and my work schedule didn't allow for it. I was a little bummed not to carry on the carving tradition, but I've learned over the last year and a half that I can't do it all. I've had to let go of some things, and while I'm getting better at that every day, it's still a personal struggle.

He doesn't appear to be "missing out" any, so I must not be doing a half bad job!
Crystal xoxo

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